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Get ready for Europe with Interrail


After months of staying at home, travel in Europe is nearly possible again! While we wait for the go ahead, there's now plenty of time to get ready. We've put together itineraries, tips and inspiration to help you plan new ways of travelling Europe. So spread out the maps, open the guide books and fill those final weeks at home with pre-trip excitement. Get ready for Europe with us!


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Travel tips from the Interrail community


No-one knows a country quite like the locals who live there. We asked the locals of some of the most popular Interrail destinations to recommend their secret spots and favourite places. Get ready to look beyond the famous cities and rediscover some well-known destinations on our community country pages.


2 weeks in Italy and Switzerland


From the mountains of Switzerland, to the historical cities of Italy - this itinerary takes you from Zurich all the way to Rome, with lots of amazing stops to make on the way. Get ready to discover all these two fantastic countries have to offer.


Get ready for the Mediterranean


From white sandy beaches and amazing sea views, to great little towns to get lost in and the taste of the amazing Mediterranean cuisine. Travel all the way from Spain, past the French Riviera, to the beauty of Italy. This itinerary will blow you away!

Flexible Planning


You can buy an Interrail Global Pass up to 11 months before you travel. All you need to know is when you want to travel to get transportation checked off your list. It might even be the motivation you need to plan out other aspects of your trip.



Flexible Travel


If you're travelling with an Interrail Global Pass, you can change things up at a moment's notice and take a different route if you like. Maybe you know you want to travel through Europe, but you don't know where yet or you want to be able to choose as you go. The Interrail Global Pass has you covered.

Flexible Exchanges and Cancellations


Sometimes, situations outside our control can get in the way of our travels. That's why Interrail has flexible exchange and return policies that let you book with confidence.




Island hopping in Greece with Attica Ferries


The islands of Greece may not be reachable by train, but we've made sure you can still reach them with our Passes! Get inspired by our travels and the beauty of the islands.


Our favourite finds for your summer in Europe


When you travel, often unexpected things happen. That's just part of travel, and in Europe this is not any different. Let us take you away to a few of our favourite trips, where our plans changed unexpectedly for the better!


5 things that happen when you travel without a plan


If you've ever had your travels not go according to plan, you know how sometimes the best memories come from those unexpected experiences. Check out what can happen when you embrace the unexpected.


This music gets us in the travel mood


Travelling with a set of headphones and a good collection of playlists and albums is essential in our opinion. We've listed our most memorable trips and the music those journeys were accompanied by, to create the perfect soundtrack to your trip planning.


Slovenia and Croatia in summer


Are you ready to discover some of the more hidden places of Europe? Slovenia and Croatia are both countries with amazing nature, gorgeous beaches and impressive history, but with lots of places you can have all for yourself! If that got you excited, check out this itinerary and perhaps start planning your own Slovenia and Croatia trip.

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