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Pass benefits & discounts

Enjoy extra discounts and offers as an Interrail Pass holder


Travelling with Interrail saves you money on more than rail travel! Having an Interrail Pass entitles you to take advantage of hundreds of discounts and rewards all over Europe. Get everything from reduced ferry fares to free public transport, and from hostel offers to discounts on city cards.


Ferry discounts


Get FREE and discounted travel on ferries across Europe during your Interrail trip. Mix it up a bit with some waterbourne voyages.

Swiss trains


Interrail travellers only pay a small reservation fee to ride on the legendary Golden Pass, Bernina and Glacier Express scenic trains.

Eat, sleep, see

Zurich Oldtown Hostel (2)

With an Interrail Pass you can benefit from special offers every hour of the day. Save at restaurants, hostels, for activities and more!

How to make use of the benefits

Everything you need to know about how Interrail Pass benefits work

First of all, you need to have an Interrail Pass! Check? Secondly, your Interrail Pass needs to be valid. When you order an Interrail Pass, you get to choose its start and end date. You can take advantage of Pass Benefits during these dates.

If you have a Flexi Pass

(for example, for travel on 7 days within a period of 1 month)

  • You can only take advantage of free benefits on dates you have written in the Travel Calendar on your Interrail Pass. If it's a free overnight ferry, you can enter either the date of departure or arrival in your Travel Calendar.

  • For all other benefits, you don't need to specify the date in your Travel Calendar.

If you have a Continuous Pass

(for example, for travel on every day within a period of 15 days)

  • You can take advantage of all benefits on any day your Interrail Pass is valid.

Benefits can usually be arranged on the spot. For some, particularly international ferries, you need to book them in advance. You can find details for individual benefits in each country above.

We're always looking to add great new offers. From time to time, benefits become unavailable. While this does not happen often, if you're planning your trip to make use of a specific benefit, we recommend first confirming availability with the company that offers it. You can contact the company directly, or get in touch with our team.