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Paper train tickets in the Digital Age

Mankind has achieved some pretty cool things over the years. We built the pyramids, we walked on the moon and, more recently, we created the Internet. It broke boundaries between countries and continents. At Interrail, we love that!

The million-dollar question (we get this one a lot): in the digital era we live in, why still print paper train passes? Have we never heard of Smartphones?


33 countries

We're no technophobes. But here’s the thing. Your Interrail Pass gives you access to 33 countries throughout Europe. In an ideal world, all these countries would have the same system for train ticketing.

Unfortunately, we don’t rule the world (yet). This means we have to operate with a paper pass that can be easily used in all countries and across multiple train, ferry and bus companies.

Stay tuned

In the mean time, look at it from the bright side: zero stress when you’re at an abandoned train station in the middle of the night and you’re low on battery. The Interrail Pass takes you anywhere you want to go not despite of, but because it’s made out of paper.

It goes without saying that we are always working hard to meet the needs of our travellers and the environment. In fact, rail travel is far greener than taking planes, cars or buses.

Stay tuned to be the first to know about future improvements to the Interrail Pass, paper or digital.