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Travel is back! Make sure to book your seat reservations well in advance to guarantee your seat(s). 

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Reservations & costs

You can hop on and off most trains as you please with your Interrail Pass, but some trains ask you to buy an additional seat reservation before you can jump aboard. Find out when you need to book extra seat reservations and how much they cost.

What are seat reservations?


Seat reservations aren’t included in your Interrail Pass, but for a fee they guarantee you a comfy seat on busy routes across Europe. For most high-speed trains and all night trains reservations are mandatory.


Trains that ask for reservations normally save you time and have lots of extra features, like wifi and power sockets or sleeping facilities, plus you can bag a space next to your friends.

Do I need a seat reservation?

Know when you need to buy a reservation before you board.

Can I avoid seat reservations?

Find out how and when you can avoid seat reservations.

How do I buy my reservations?

Find out where and when to book your seats for a stress-free trip.

How much do reservations cost?

Check seat reservation prices so you can budget for your trip.

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