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Night trains

Night trains carry you over long distances while you sleep. For instance, board the EuroNight train in Munich in the early evening and wake up in Budapest the next morning, ready to explore!


How to use the map

This map contains all night trains in Europe that are included in your Pass. You can use your mouse or touchpad to zoom in and out to see all the destinations and routes that are serviced by a night train up close. Clicking on a green line between destinations will show you the total route of the night train and reservation information.


In the top left corner there is a button (on the left side of the 'Night Trains in Europe' title). When clicked a side bar will fold out, showing you the contents of the map, in this case the destinations and routes. To see a complete list of night train routes (the place of departure and arrival), fold out the routes tab. Selecting a route will open some extra route information and reservation fees for this route.


Want to work with a full screen map? Click the icon in the top richt corner and the map will open in a new tab!


More information about specific night trains

It is common practice in night trains that you hand over your Interrail paper Pass and passport to the train staff. Don't worry, you will get them back in the morning!



Reservations are compulsory for all night trains. Depending on the train, you can make these reservations online, by phone or at the train station. A reservation guarantees you a seat or a bed on the train. 


Night trains have several accommodation options, ranging from reclining seats to single cabins with private bathrooms. You will pay a higher reservation fee for the more luxurious options.


Read more about reservations or check out the reservation fees for night trains (the reservation fees are also indicated on the map).  

Travel days


When travelling on a night train, you only have to write down the day of departure. For example, if you travel on a night train from 9 to 10 August, you only write down 9 August. If you're travelling with a mobile Pass, this will happen automatically once you add the journey to My Trip.


On the day of departure of the night train, you can take as many trains as you want; it's on the same day after all. If you take another train after the night train has arrived, you'll have to use a new travel day.


Travelling home by night train

If you’re planning to use a night train to return to your home country, and the destination of this night train is not your final destination, you will need two travel days: one normal travel day and one inbound journey. This requires you to add two separate journeys to ‘My Trip’ on your Mobile Pass:


1. On day of departure:

Night train departure station → border town outside your home country.


2. The next day, after midnight:

Border town outside your home country → your final destination.

Your second journey will automatically be counted as your inbound journey. 



If you have any questions for us, let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.





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