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Trains in Croatia


The Croatian railway network (HZ Putnički Prijevoz) is centred around the capital Zagreb. Attractively situated, Croatia acts as an intersection of routes from Europe's west to east and from north to south.

Train Types in Croatia

Croatia's national rail network is run by Hrvatske željeznice (HZ). To look up train times, you can use the Interrail timetable. Some Croatian cities (like Zadar) aren't mentioned in our timetable. Use the HZ timetable instead.

Map with main train connections in Croatia


Domestic trains in Croatia

  • HZ connects most major towns in Croatia.

  • Both regional trains and express trains run within the country.

  • Bikes are allowed on certain trains. You'll need to buy a bike ticket in advance.



International trains in Croatia

  • Croatia has direct international connections with Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Popular connections in Croatia

What are the train travel times between Croatia's major cities? You won't need to make reservations if you use regional trains for the following routes:


Route Travel time
Zagreb to Osijek 5hr 29min
Zagreb to Rijeka 3hr 40min
Zagreb to Sisak 54min


Zagreb to Split takes 6 hours by InterCity train, and 8 hours by Night Train. Reservations are required for both journeys.


To visit Dubrovnik, you can travel by train to Split and then take a bus.

RouteWhich train?Travel timeReservations
Zagreb to Budapest (Hungary)InterCity6 hoursOptional
Zagreb to Graz (Austria)EuroCity4 hoursOptional
Zagreb to Ljubljana (Slovenia)International / EuroCity2.5 hoursOptional
Zagreb to Munich (Germany)EuroCity8.5 hoursOptional
Zagreb to Zurich (Switzerland)EuroNight14 hoursRequired

Reservations for trains in Croatia

Which trains in Croatia require reservations?

Reservations are required for the following Intercity train routes:

  • InterCity Nagibni (ICN) Zagreb - Split

  • InterCity (IC) Zagreb - Rijeka/Osijek/Cakovec


A seat reservation costs about €3.60 (HRK 27.60, the local currency).


View reservation fees in Croatia

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Tips and tricks for Croatia

Croatia's main train station

  • Zagreb central station: Zagrebački Glavni kolodvor.

  • To reach the station from Zagreb airport, take a bus to the city terminal, then a tram to the central train station.

  • Interrail Passes are not valid on the bus or tram.

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