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Trains in Denmark


The Danish State Railways (DSB) has a dense network of train services connecting Copenhagen, Arhus, Alborg and much more of Denmark. Trains are the fabulous way of exploring this fascinating country and its islands!

Train Types in Denmark

The railway network in Denmark is run by DSB. You can access a great deal of the country using Denmark's trains. Meanwhile, comfortable international trains connect you to cities in Sweden and Germany.

You can find Danish train times in the Interrail timetable.

Map with main train connections in Denmark

Regional trains (RØ, RV, ØR, IR)

  • Regional trains throughout Denmark


InterCity and InterCity Lyn (IC, ICL)

  • Faster than the regional trains

  • Various routes within Denmark



  • Suburban trains in Copenhagen

  • Fully included in your Interrail Pass


Nordjyske Jernbaner (NJ)

  • Fully included in your Interrail Pass


Private railway companies in Denmark


Bicycles are permitted on the train upon purchase of a special bike ticket.
From May to August bike space must be booked in advance for IC and ICL trains.


SJ High-speed train

  • Connects Copenhagen to Stockholm (Sweden)


InterCity Express (ICE)

  • Travels to Berlin and other German cities



  • Travels between Copenhagen and Hamburg


Popular connections in Denmark

These are the average travel times between the biggest cities in Denmark. Seat reservations are optional for all these train journeys.


Route Travel time
Copenhagen to Alborg 4hr 45min
Copenhagen to Arhus 3hr 20min
Copenhagen to Esbjerg 3hr 35min
Copenhagen to Odense 1hr 45min
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Copenhagen to Hamburg (Germany) ICE high-speed 4hr 44min Required from March 30th until September 29th
Copenhagen to Malmö (Sweden) High-speed 0hr 42min Required
Copenhagen to Oslo (Norway)
(via Gothenburg, Sweden)
High-speed +
Regional train
7hr 32min Required
Aarhus to Hamburg (Germany) Inter City train (IC) 4hr 26min Required from June 7th until August 31st


From Copenhagen Central Station, trains to Sweden usually depart from platform 26, a 15 minute walk from the main platforms. There's also an ID check before boarding trains to Sweden. Therefore, it's best to arrive 30 minutes before your train departs.

Reservations for trains in Denmark

Which trains in Denmark require reservations?

  • SJ High-speed train: Approximately €7 (DKK 52) in 2nd class and €17 (DKK 126) in 1st class

  • InterCityExpress (ICE): Approximately €4 (DKK 30)


Reservations recommended for long journeys

  • InterCity (IC) and InterCityLyn (ICL): Approximately €4 (DKK 30)

  • Eurocity (EC): Approximately €4 (DKK 30)

How can I make reservations for trains in Denmark?

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Tips and tricks for Denmark

Denmark main train station

The railway hub of Denmark is in Copenhagen:

  • Københavns Hovedbanegård​ (main station).

  • Has ticket desks and information service.

  • Located only 500m from the city centre.

  • Next to the station is amusement park Tivoli.

Pass Benefits for Denmark


With your Interrail Pass, you get up to 20% discount on ferry crossings to Norway.


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Spelling of names in Denmark

The local spelling of Danish cities can differ from the English spelling. Keep this in mind when looking up train times at stations or in timetables .

  • Copenhagen = København


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