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Trains in Hungary


Budapest is the main railway hub of the Hungarian railway network, with three large stations. From Budapest a 7,606 km network radiates through the country with various connections to larger towns.


If your Interrail Pass is valid in Hungary, you'll get access to Hungary's national railway company, MAV-START. You'll also get access to GySEV/Raaberbahn trains that operate in the country.

Map with main train connections in Hungary

Intercity trains in Hungary

  • Fast trains (regional or interregional): Reservations not required.

  • Regional trains: Reservations not required.

  • EuroCity (EC): Domestic travel; reservations are optional.

  • InterCity (IC): Domestic travel; reservations are required.

International trains

  • Railjet (RJ): International high speed trains; reservations are optional. 

Night trains

  • EuroNight (EC): Night trains; reservations are required.

Private railway companies

The private railway lines operated by the Austrian-Hungarian railway company GYSEV (known in Austria as Raaberbahn) can also be accessed with your Interrail Pass.

GYSEV operates a number of train routes, including:

  • Sopron to Ebenfurth (Austria)

  • Fertöszentmiklós to Neusiedl/See (Austria)

Popular connections in Hungary

Route Regional Intercity (reservations)
Budapest to Debrecen 2:50 2:15
Budapest to Győr 1:50 1:05
Budapest to Pécs 4:00 
Budapest to Szeged 3:00 2:10
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Budapest to Bratislava (Slovakia) EuroCity 2:40 Optional
Budapest to Bucharest (Romania) EuroNight Ister 16:00 (overnight) Required
Budapest to Ljubljana (Slovenia) Fast train 9:05 Optional
Budapest to Munich (Germany) RailJet 6:55 Required
Budapest to Prague (Czech Republic) EuroCity 6:45 Optional
Budapest to Vienna (Austria) EuroCity / RailJet 2:40 Optional / Required
Budapest to Warsaw (Poland) EuroCity 9:45 Required
Budapest to Zagreb (Croatia) InterCity 6:20 Optional

Reservations for trains in Hungary

Which trains in Hungary require reservations?

  • No reservations: Fast train, regional trains

  • Optional: EuroCity domestic trains

  • Compulsory: InterCity and EuroNight trains


How can I make reservations for trains in Hungary?

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Tips and tricks for Hungary

Budapest main train stations

Budapest is a train travel hub, with 3 main stations:

  • Keleti: Located in the east. The main international and intercity railway station in Budapest.

  • Nyugati: Located in the west.

  • Deli: Located in the south.

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