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Trains in Montenegro

Trains in Montenegro connect you to Belgrade in Serbia as well as local destinations including Bar and Podgorica.

Believe it or not, Montenegro is home to Europe's highest railway bridge, the Mala Rijeka viaduct. Starting from the spectacular Adriatic coastline and passing through imposing mountains, train rides in Montenegro are simply stunning.

Map with main train connections in Montenegro

Train types in Montenegro

Trains in Montenegro are operated by ŽPCG AD Podgorica (Railway Transport of Montenegro JSC – Podgorica)


Regional trains

  • Trains run between BarPodgoricaBijelo Polje and Nikšić.

  • Shown on the Railway Transport of Montenegro website as "local" trains.

  • No reservation required.


International trains

  • Trains connect Bar and Podgorica to Belgrade (Beograd, Topcider station) in Serbia.

  • Shown on the Railway Transport of Montenegro website as "fast" trains.

  • Reservations are optional.

  • You can find times for these international trains (INT) in our Interrail Timetable. Make sure to use 'Topcider' as the station name.


Night trains

  • International overnight trains operate between Bar and Belgrade (Beograd) in Serbia.
  • You need to reserve a seat or sleeping accommodation on the train.
  • You can find times for this night train in our timetable.

Reservations for trains in Montenegro

How can I make reservations for trains in Montenegro?

The only trains in Montenegro that require reservations are the night trains to Belgrade (Serbia). You can make reservations at the ticket offices of the train stations in Bar, Podgorica or Belgrade. Sometimes you'll find there's a queue for tickets. Give yourself enough time to make your arrangements.

International train connections to and from Montenegro

You can travel to and from Montenegro from popular cities in the following European countries:

RouteWhich train?Travel timeReservations
Bar to Belgrade (Serbia)International Train / Night Train11 hours / 11 hours (overnight)Optional / Required
Podgorica to Belgrade (Serbia)International Train / Night Train10 hours / 10 hours (overnight)Optional / Required
Please note that international trains only stop at Topcider station, just south of the city center of Belgrade. This is due to railway maintenance works. 

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