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1 - 2 months in Europe

Routes and itineraries

Madrid to Rome



Travel along the Mediterranean coast with this sunny and laidback itinerary.


  • Includes Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Genoa, Florence, Rome and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

Europe in 60 days



Enjoy a 2-month rail adventure through 8 different European countries.


  • Includes London, Glasgow, Paris, Milan, Lucerne, Amsterdam and more
  • Travel time: 2 months or longer

New and exciting



See another side of Europe with this cool trip through 10 different countries.


  • Includes Ghent, Bruges, Leipzig, Bologna, Lyon and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

London to Athens



Get inspired by fellow traveller Vicky as she travels all across Europe.


  • Includes London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Venice, Athens and more
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

Road to Florence



Travel from Amsterdam to Florence with this beautiful route through 5 countries.


  • Includes Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Bern and Florence
  • Travel time: 1 month or longer

Greek Islands



Choose which of 53 islands you want to explore with our Greek Islands Pass.


  • Includes Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and 50 more islands to choose from
  • Travel time: up to 1 month

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