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Our favourite travel music

Our favourite travel music


When we travel, our favourite tunes become soundtracks to our memories. The playlists below have travelled with us on a few of our most beloved trips. And, of course, having such an international bunch of colleagues results in a very diverse list of music. Let them put you in the mood for travel, as you remember past highlights and plan future trips. You might discover your next summer anthem!

The Interrail 2020 playlist


We asked, you delivered! With your input we've created the ultimate Interrail playlist. For travellers, by travellers! We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.




"Music festivals and travel are interlinked for me, especially in summer. This 'Festival Flavours' playlist is an ever-evolving list in my house. Although it won't be the same experience in 2020, the bonus is many festivals, producers and DJs are hosting free online music sets to enjoy from your own dancefloor at home!"




"I like listening to a mix of old classic rock, hair metal and 80s hits haha. I get the longing to travel when I listen to 'Journey' of course (is there a surprise there?). This playlist contains some classic gems everyone can appreciate."




"Still remember during my trip from Milan to Tuscany, turning up the volume of my Walkman when out of the train’s window the sea coast finally appeared, and loved to listen to this playlist."




"An Australian orchestra accompanying an Australian electronic duo - but this album just reminds me of travelling Europe. That build of anticipation whilst on your way to the destination."




"A couple of years back, my best mate and I roadtripped from NY up to Montreal. This carefully-compiled playlist was the perfect accompaniment. Had to include Kurt Vile and The Beach Boys - both embody the arrival of summer for me. 😊"