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As one of the smallest countries in Europe, it's easy to forget about Luxembourg. But trust us, you don't want to. With its eclectic mix of French, German and Luxemburgian characteristics, Luxembourg has some great experiences to tick off your bucket list. 

See the magnolias in the spring 


One of the prettiest times to visit Luxembourg is early in the year, when the flowers begin to bloom. Admire the gorgeous blossom trees against the green, but wait until you see the magnolias! 



Travel underground in the Bock Casemates 


Bock Casemates sounds like a fake name, but trust us, it's the place to visit in Luxembourg. An underground system of 17th century galleries and fortifications, this historical site is a great way to learn about Luxembourg's history under Spanish rule. 



Try the original fusion food 


With Luxembourg's interesting history and location, it's no surprise that its gastronomy has been shaped by its foreign neighbours. To get a taste of this multicultural country, try Kachkéis, a runny cooked cheese influenced by the Spanish. Or, if you want some meat, try Judd mat Gaardebounen: smoked pork collar and beans. What do you think?



Visit Vianden Castle


Vianden is a small city in the north of Luxembourg, near the German border. Sitting above the town in a little forest, this fairytale castle has an interesting Dutch history, helping to explain why Dutch is commonly spoken around the town. Take the chairlift to the castle and go even higher for spectacular views. 



Explore Echternach


Echternach is known as 'Little Switzerland' because of its winding streets, medieval buildings and charming character. From the 10th-century town wall, Gothic Hôtel de Ville and folk celebrations, this little city is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe. Have you visited yet?



Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City


There are many beautiful cathedrals in Western Europe, but Luxembourg's Cathédrale Notre-Dame is quite unusual. Visit to see a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic architecture, before heading up the spiral stairs to see the view from the top.



See the Grand Ducal Palace


The Grand Ducal Palace is one of the most striking buildings in Luxembourg, and for good reason. This majestic palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke and is only open for tours in the summer months, so make sure you time your visit correctly!



Bridge hop over the Pétrusse


If Luxembourg is famous for anything, it should be its bridges. In Luxembourg City, you can easily spend a day bridge-hopping over the river Pétrusse. Top sights include the classic Adolphe Bridge and the Red Bridge, as well as the Béinchen bridge in the district of Pfaffenthal.



Stare at Schiessentümpel


This bridge deserves its own section because it's that iconic. Located in the Mullerthal region, this wooden bridge looks like it grew from nature itself. Head here also to see the Schiessentümpel waterfall and cascades.




Wander around the Grund district


All of Luxembourg is like a postcard, but the Grund district is tucked away from the rest. With historical buildings, quiet streets and a gentle charm, it's the perfect place to wander after a busy day of sightseeing. Head down to amble along the river, before climbing back up to street level for a well-deserved afternoon snack.