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Trip ideas


With an Interrail Pass, the whole of Europe is at your feet. But with so many places to explore, how do you decide where to go? Time to sit down, put your feet up and read through our trip ideas... 

Trips by Timeframe



1 week in Europe →
Short trips in 1 or 2 countries

1 to 3 weeks in Europe →

Medium-sized trips in 2 to 5 countries

1 to 2 months in Europe →

Longer trips in 3 to 10 countries


Trips by Region



Western Europe →

France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and more

Southern Europe →
Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece

Northern Europe →

Scandinavia and the Baltics

Central Europe & Balkans →

Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and more


Most travelled

  • Includes: Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona
  • Travel time: 1 week or longer
  • Pass: Interrail Italy Pass


See the best of Italy

Best on a budget

  • Includes: Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia and more
  • Travel time: 2-3 weeks or longer
  • Pass: Interrail Global Pass


Explore Europe's cheapest cities 

Popular sights

  • Includes: Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux and more
  • Travel time: 2-3 weeks or longer
  • Pass: Interrail Global Pass


See the highlights of France 

The Interrail community

To help you get ready to travel Europe, we've asked locals from popular Interrail destinations to share their secret spots. 


See community tips 


Countries in Europe

Read about all the best bits of the 33 countries you can explore, from sunny Spanish beaches to frozen Finnish forests.


Pick your destination 

Sunny and warm

  • Includes: Barcelona, Nice, Genoa, Rome and more
  • Travel time: 16 days or longer
  • Pass: Interrail Global Pass


Discover the Mediterranean 

Most Instagrammable

  • Includes: Paris, Strasbourg, Zurich, Milan and more
  • Travel time: 10 days or longer
  • Pass: Interrail Global Pass


Snap the best pictures 

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