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Southern Europe

Routes and itineraries

The sunny south



Travel the Mediterranean coast by train through Spain, France and Italy.


  • Includes Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, Monte Carlo (Monaco), Genoa, Pisa, Rome and more
  • Travel time: 16 days or longer

Iberian adventure



Discover Spain and Portugal by train with this beautiful itinerary.


  • Includes Vigo, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Faro, Seville, Cadiz and Granada
  • Travel time: 12 days or longer

Greek islands



Choose which of 53 islands you want to explore with our Greek Islands Pass.


  • Includes Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and 50 more islands to choose from
  • Travel time: up to 1 month

La Bella Italia



Take this classical trip through Italy to see its most important landmarks, from the Colosseum to the Grand Canal.


  • Includes Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona
  • Travel time: 6 days or longer

Best of Portugal



Travel across Portugal from Porto in the north to the Algarve in the south.


  • Includes Porto, Pinhao, Coimbra, Lisbon, Sintra, Faro and Lagos
  • Travel time: 10 days or longer

Spanish tapas



Eat your way through Spain with only the best paella, tortillas and jamón iberico.


  • Includes Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Madrid and San Sebastián
  • Travel time: 10 days or longer

Florence guide



Find out all the hotspots in Florence with our comprehensive City Guide.


  • Includes all attractions in Florence and tells you how to get around

1 day in Lisbon



With only 24 hours to spend in Lisbon, here's what you just can't miss.


  • Includes the major attractions in Lisbon and its close surroundings

Barcelona guide



Find out where to go in Barcelona with our comprehensive City Guide.


  • Includes all attractions in Barcelona and tells you how to get around

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