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Greek Islands Itineraries


Whitewashed buildings, deep blue seas, epic sunsets and late night parties... sound familiar? Welcome to this Greek Paradise! Travelling with Interrail doesn't mean you have to stick to the train tracks - explore the Greek Islands by ferry with an Interrail Greek Islands Pass.

Kalymnos - Kos - Rhodes


Theme: Romance and adventure

Best for: Beautiful beaches, ancient cities and spectacular scenery

Must do: Kalymnos has many climbing attractions that offer amazing views of the surroundings


Mykonos- Paros- Santorini


Theme: Popular islands

Best for: Bustling life, Postcards-like pictures and delicious food

Must do: Sunrises or sunsets above Santorini are always stunning 


Amorgos - Koufonisia - Naxos


Theme: Peaceful alternative destinations

Best for: Relaxing, crystal clear beaches and great wine

Must do: Snorkelling here offers amazing underwater sceneries 


Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos


Theme: Mamma Mia! 

Best for: Quiet beaches, forest hikes and meeting the locals

Must do: The Agios Ioannis Church (where the wedding in Mamma Mia! was set) offers great views of the island